Sunday, 25 May 2014

Top Scorers 2013-14 - Bundesliga - La Liga - Premier League - Serie A

With the season now over, below are the Final goal scoring stats for 2013-14 in the Top 4 European Leagues. How did Suarez's 31 Premier League goals compare with Cristiano Ronaldo's 31 in La Liga? Who scored the most goals against Top 6 opponents? And who's goals were most decisive?

Using the table below, you can sort on any of the columns to see who scored the most, gained the most points (based on points lost if their goals were removed), and the standard of opponent they did it against.

There's some interesting findings in the number such as there only being 9 players with 20+ league goals in Europe's top four leagues. Every team hopes for that 20 goals a season man, but only eight teams out of 78 had one last season.

Whilst Ronaldo and Suarez lead the way in goals, Ronaldo leads the way in the standard of opponents - scoring a joint high (with Messi) 8 league goals against other teams in the Top 6. In fact, Suarez wasn't even Liverpool's most important player - Daniel Sturridge's 22 goals were worth 21 points - a joint high with Atletico Madrid's Diego Costa. Without this meaning to be an attack on Suarez (it's not, he's a world class player), a whopping 16 of his 31 goals were against the teams in the bottom 6 - although it seems he scored more than 16 against Norwich alone this season.

Other notable entrants are Luca Toni with 21 league goals for Verona. Two years ago, at the age of 34, the former Italy striker was playing for Al Nasr in Dubai. He hadn't scored 20 goals since the 2007-08 season for Bayern Munich. That's a hell of a turn around. Ciro Immobile, the only man to outscore Toni in Italy this season, has had a similarly surprising turn around - 5 league goals for Genoa last year certainly didn't point to the golden boot this. Both had amazing seasons, but it was Fiorentina's Guiseppe Rossi who did it most in the big games - with 6 against Top 6 teams (including a hat trick against Juventus), despite being injured for large parts of the season.

In Germany, there's an interesting comparison when looking at Mario Mandzukic and the man replacing him - Robert Lewandowski. There's certainly a case to be made for keeping the Croatian as the main striker, especially for the big games.

You can filter on the team and / or the league. Team stats are available for each league on the top menu bar. For those on incompatible browsers, there's a picture version of the 20+ goal scorers below.

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